Saturday, December 30, 2006's a mess now

OK. I never should have gone and just "rashly" converted my Blogger blog to the new Blogger without understanding all the issues I would be getting into.

The new Blogger uses "widgets" for page elements. That is messing with the little bit of HTML coding I had mastered.

New things to learn....

I've got a number of good links down related to all this new Blogger stuff. Will post them soon.

So for tonight, I'm leaving it like this.

My plan is to finish backing up my template elements and "converted widgets".

Then I will work on migrating to the new three-column layout tomorrow.

It should look something like this template (I hope) when I am done: Andreas04 by Andreas Viklund as converted by Stavanger over at


At least I've got Windows Live Writer able to post directly to my blog again....

--Hang in there gang! I promise when I get done with all this, I will have a ton of useful links for all you Bloggers considering jumping into the New Blogger conversion waters.


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