Monday, December 18, 2006

(Imminent?) Firefox Updates and Opera Boosted

Just a quick post. I'm "making" sugar-cookies tonight for Alvis to take to school tomorrow.

Mozilla is likely getting ready for an imminent update release for Firefox and Firefox --via Ryan over at CyberNet News.

Firefox looks to fix 183 bugs alone.

Currently Mozilla now is dishing up a FTP download of RC3, so if you are brave, go for it and fill up your plate.

These should be considered major updates. I expect that they will be offered via the Firefox Automatic Update check (if you have it enabled). If not, you can always go to your toolbar in Firefox and check "Help," then "Check for updates..."

While unlikely that these will seriously break any of your favorite extensions, there is always that risk.

Meanwhile, that other well known and loved browser alternative, Opera, has now just been released at version 9.10.

Of note: it now incorporates built-in fraud protection. Opera does a quick "whitelist" check to GeoTrust and a "blacklist" check to the Phishtank. --via download squad

I haven't used Opera for a very long time, but it remains a polished browser with a large fan-base.

So, IE 7, Firefox 2.0, or Opera 9.10 -- developers are working hard to make sure you stay safe and protected this holiday season!

ph334 t3h ch33r, indeed!


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