Friday, December 29, 2006

Quick Post Holiday Post...and who sent us THAT gift?

Just a quick post for now. I just converted my Blogger page the other day to the new Updated Version (finally) and want to make sure it is working ok.

It took about an hour to complete the conversion, and only a few template "tweaks" seemed to have been required to put it back in order again.

However...the new Blogger system now doesn't seem to let me post to it from Windows Live Writer anymore. I keep getting a strange error...even after updating WLW. More on that later...I guess...

We survived the holidays...barely.

Got a nasty present during the past week.

I came down with a horrendous bout of the flu. Lavie hauled me in last Friday to the doctor's office half-dead. I don't remember the rest of that day or the following Saturday at all. No memory. It's a void. Sunday I came 'round again.

Then this past Wednesday, Lavie came down with it.

We think Alvis actually had a very mild form of it the weekend two weeks earlier.

Both Lavie and Alvis had their flu shots in November so they weathered it none too badly.

He-man Claus refused (again) to have his flu shot and got the worst end. I generally avoid the flu shot, figuring I'm in prime health and would rather have the full-on flu so my body's immune system can be better I have no-one to blame but myself.

Lavie was so sweet...she didn't fuss at me once about it.

Anyway....looks to be a wet weekend and I think we will be nesting in this extended weekend. Expect a bit more posting!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Claus,
Alvis here just wanted to tell you next year suck it up Lavie and I will make you get a flu shot no matter what. It would be much better to get one than to get sick again especially at Christmas

Alvis out :) :) :) :)