Sunday, December 31, 2006

Full Disclosure - GSD and the Microsoft Ferrari laptop giveaway.

In the interest of my few regular blog readers I feel compelled to make the following statement regarding Microsoft's deployment of AMD "Ferrari" laptops to bloggers:

I didn't get one; Damn-it.

If some maintenance worker in the bowels of Microsoft's Redmond facility happens to stumble across my blog...and can add my name to the next shipping list, I'd be glad to accept one for "long-term-testing and evaluation" purposes.

Wink-wink-nudge-nudge. Say no more! Say no more!

So there you go, just in case you were wondering....



Michael said...

Go Claus! I read several blogs that indicated some were upset when they received their Redmond package... go figure! Some were selling them or giving them to charity. Charity starts at home...


Anonymous said...


I was feeling a bit mischievous when I posted this.

The whole "controversy" this thing has stirred up is kinda interesting...with bloggers who accepted Microsoft's offered laptops getting hammered by some as "sell-outs" and having a whole ethical/journalistic melee created.

Blogger ethics? Oh, please.

Anonymous cowards

I've got really mixed feelings about the whole deal, myself. How much of the buzz caused by the fact it was Microsoft dishing out a "high end" product? Sure, bloggers should probably have disclosed this. But what if it was SansDisk giving out USB sticks? Would we have seen the same level buzz or controversy?

I'm not sure. would be a major family sacrifice to pony up the funds to pick up a piece of hardware like this, and had I received would have been disclosed, kept and heavily used with pride and excitement in our home.

Would it have colored my judgment in blogging...particularly about Microsoft...maybe...but probably not any more or less that I already I am. I'm not a Microsoft basher by any means, but they are one of the biggest forces in the industry and their actions do have an impact in the technology world.

If nothing else, it has re-stirred the simmering pot of discussion regarding bloggers, blogging, journalism, ethical standards for both and the (still) murky lines drawn between them.