Friday, December 29, 2006

Ah...that's it....

So I've been blowing off a few more quality hours with my family trying to figure out the issue with why Windows Live Writer (WLW) won't post to my newly converted Blogger page.

Seems it doesn't like my blog template code for some reason under the new Blogger.

I'm not sure exactly why as WLW (seemingly) worked great under the old BloggerBeta system and I haven't really made any changes to the original template. Posting within Blogger itself to the old template works great, just not via WLW.

So I loaded Alvis's blog into WLW. She converted her blog to the new Blogger system a few weeks ago and recently did some nice GUI based template changes. Guess what. WLW posted just fine.

That told me that the issue was indeed not with (directly) WLW, but how WLW is interacting with the new Blogger and the old template code .

Unfortunately, none of the default new Blogger templates are three-column layouts. I tested a two-column layout but it didn't look very nice at all.

So I'm leaving the old template in place for now...I have a number of fresh Google search results on this issue to look over and play with in the morning.

Looks like some more template changes are coming for this blog....(sigh).

So, word of advice: Any of you faithful readers who haven't yet converted your (old) Blogger template to the New Blogger system....don't be too frightened to make the jump...but beware...there be some small monsters in those hills you might have to fight if you have a customized Blogger template.


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