Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sick of being Sick

My cube-mate kindly tossed some cold bugs (germs--not refrigerated insecta) across the cube wall earlier this week.

I've been a walking zombie for most of the week. Productivity/down. Usefullness to society/down. Creative thinking/down. Interest in anything not made of Kleenex or decongestants/down.

Thursday night/Friday morning was the worst. About 2 hours of sleep. Nothing is on at that time of the night.

Made it through work without any major brain-fog enduced computing disasters. Heck, I even got a day's respite from telecom support and did some good-old pc troubleshooting. Used my rusty skills to identify the cause of one dead printer was a bad power cord and another network printing problem was a bad cat-v patch cord. Not bad huh?

The commute home felt like a 10K marathon run. But I had enough reserve energy to pick up the house and clean up the kitchen before my head imploded (girl and Girl had the day off).

I slept pretty well last night. Head is still stuffed and my upper lip is raw from the tissues but I'm blogging and I guess that is a sign that my brain is coming back on line again.


I promised the Girl I would take her down to Clear Lake to visit her late cousin's gravesite today. He was an outstanding young man and husband full of life and energy and joy (and a good bit of spit and mischievousness mixed in). He and Lavie grew up very close and he was like a second brother to her. He passed away two years ago after a very quick illness. He was born with a heart defect and groundbreaking surgery on him as newborn extended his life, well, a lifetime longer than was expected. He is still missed around our home, but his presence still remains.

Sharp Left Turn

Robert Nagle and Jim Thompson posted photos of their piles of blog drafts. I've always wondered how the more prolific bloggers keep their current works in progress and future blog ideas organized. I use Firefox and love that handy Control + D page bookmark shortcut feature. I have made a bookmark folder titled "To Blog" and just dump any potentially interesting blog subject in there. Sometimes I will go in and see if any themes show up (there usually is). The linkage stews in the folder for about a week (or maybe longer) and finally I get a few hours to plate some of it up and serve it to you. Once a link gets blogged, I move it into a "Blogged" folder or "To Sort" bookmark folder. The sortables are ones that I want to keep because they hold a valuable reference or are too fun to forget. My method isn't too sophisticated, but it is pretty easy to maintain and the jumble can create some fun combinations.

Oh yeah, I almost never "draft" posts (I bet it shows, huh?)

Except for the occasional comment post over at the TechBlog, I don't draft/blog at work. Ever. I'm too busy. Well, almost never. If I come across something at work during the day that is superspectacular, I will either fire off a quick email with the link to my home email account or I might type a brief text note and save it on my USB drive for later transfer.

Solutions for Better Laptop Living

Lavie has been reminding me that her laptop acts funny when she boots it. (Well, it isn't funny or strange but mostly annoying.) See, I haven't upgraded our home to a wireless modem yet, so when she wants to use her laptop to hit the net, she has to plug into our router. Only when she does and brings it up, then launches a browser (any one) it responds with a "Page not found" error. She refreshes the page and then it kicks back to life.

What appears to be happening is that the IP stored on her laptop when she shuts down doesn't refresh initially when she reconnects and plugs back into the router.

So (sick of head and body) I wrote a simple little batch file called fixmyip.bat and in it I put three commands:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

I saved the file and moved it into the "all users" "startup" folder so it will execute whenever a user logs into the laptop.

Now when she boots the ip held by the nic gets cleared and renewed. Instant net pages now.

It's not real glamorous but works. I need to do the same thing for my work laptop as I often travel between lots of sites and sometimes I forget to release my IP before shutting down.

Stay well,

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