Sunday, April 30, 2006

Black no More


Yes I'm still here.

Work has been very busy. And I've gotten hooked on a South Korean "drama" series that runs very late at night. I've gotten Lavie hooked on it too (hehehehe).

But I want to talk about Black--that #(*&@(#*&$)(^ FPS game I've been playing for several months now.

Last night, Alvis went to a sleepover so I had the PS2 to myself. Lavie was under the weather so I had free reign. I was stuck on the final mission for weeks--stupid lack of save points. Anyway. I played for like 3 hours last night. Got to a sweet checkpoint (final battle room). And had to hang it up. To keep my position I had to "pause" the PS2 game and leave it on overnight. Finally after about 2 more hours of game time I finished out the final mission. Game Over! Woot!

The game guide was helpful for finding items and the maps kept me from getting too lost, but the battle techniques weren't very helpful. My approach is pretty cautious. I like to creep, shoot, creep and shoot. Full frontal attacks are not my thing.

So what did I do as soon as I beat the game?

Yep. Started over--on the next higher level...what can I say. It's fun, my confidence is up and now I want to unlock some of those "silver weapons" with unlimited ammo.

I really need to put this one on the shelf now that I have played through and turn my attention to our Kingdom Hearts game--but I don't know if I can....just yet. Smacking black gobby things with an over sized key and goofy shoes just isn't as satisfying....

More posting to come this afternoon.

Got to get the "real world" missions done (laundry, kitchen, grocery shopping, lawn mowing...).


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