Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Do Not Mix...

Somewhere last night I figured out the following formula not to mix:

"Shalom in the Home" + "The Dog Whisperer" + cold medicine = mental psycho-confusion

So Lavie gave me another round of decongestants somewhere before bedtime. That seemed to have interacted with my restlessness from the day of work and maybe the nasal spray and by 11pm (CST) I was somewhere in the twilight zone of purple haze. I was way too jittery to fall asleep but my mental logic processes had long since checked out.

I was flipping between these two programs. I really like Dog Whisperer. I live in hopes that I can pick up enough tips to know how to tame the wild beast of Labrador love that my father-in-law has known as "Fluffy." Yes, you Harry Potter fans, Alvis named the dog after the three-headed beast in the first Harry Potter book. It is very fitting.

And for some reason the rabbi was pushing some childhood/adulthood buttons as well.

By the time both shows were over, my poor brain had somehow undertaken a bizarre self-psychoanalysis trip using tips and lessons from both disobedient doggie care and family care and interaction. What is scary is that when I finally went to bed, it all made perfect sense.

Fortunately when I woke up, I had forgotten most everything except that I had taken only about four hours of sleep. By the time I got home tonight I had remembered enough to joke with Lavie about it all (no more cold medicine tonight, by the way). And had successfully unlinked the lessons from both shows as they applied to both our family and "Fluffy". (No disrespect to either host. I really do like both shows!)

Whew. That was scary for a moment.

Cartoon Network has picked up a brand new (to the US) anime series called "Eureka Seven". They are airing it Saturday nights.

I taped the first episode and we watched it early last night. It was really good. The animation was clean and edgy. The story plot seemed strong for a first episode. The two main characters were pretty compelling. There was a good rock soundtrack underneath. So far it is looking good with only one drawback--it has mecha.

Mecha (to me) are the shows that have giant mechanical airplanes/fighters/cars/ships/etc that somehow transform into anthropomorphic figures with arms. and legs and a head and then battle each other as, well, giant-robots. This genre of anime has never really attracted me. In Eureka Seven, it seems these two groups are at some kind of "war" and use these giant sky-surfing mecha's to do battle. So far my attention is holding. Will have to see how things develop. For some reason, it kinda reminded me of FLCL (animation style and pacing maybe?).

See you in the skies,

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