Sunday, April 23, 2006

Meet Anna Miller's

Frequent readers of the on-line comic MegaTokyo should be familiar with Anna Miller's.

Nanasawa Kimiko--one of the two primary female protagonists works at Anna Miller's and Piro and Largo are often found there. The current story arc shows Piro helping out as a bus-boy there--much to the otaku fan's dismay and suspicions.

This is the restaurant serves up family food fare, but is really known for it's breakfast selection (think I.H.O.P.) and deserts like pie and cheesecakes.

Of course, it has a "cute" theme, and uniformed waitresses. Kinda like a Hooters, but with more frills and ruffles.

The food, cute waitresses draw in many male "fans" as you can rightly imagine.

One of Piro's fans took a trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2004 and took some photos of the staff and restaurant. It's a cute glimpse.

Anna Miller's corporate website.

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