Friday, April 21, 2006

A Black Mood


So I'm playing BLACK for the PS2. I'm on my final mission. For the whole game.

I start in and play (pretty well) for about 2 hours. Slowly making my way through.

Doing good.

Tossing frags.

Sniping shock-troops.

RPG-wreckage galore.

Nearing the final game climax.

Getting excited. Gonna' beat this thing!

Blast a hole in a bunker.

Got to get through it to go on.

Climb through.


Now I'm stuck.

In the wall.

Can't move.

Nothing to shoot at.

No one to kill me so I can return to a checkpoint. Where's an enemy shock-trooper when you finally need one?

Empty my grenades (on myself)--minimal damage.

Unload my automatic. Draw patterns on the wall with the shots. Pretty.

Still stuck.

Unload my shotgun.


Still stuck.

After more than two hours.

In my final mission.


Have to abandon the mission.

Abandon all the checkpoints I've cleared.

After more than two hours.

Stupid programmers.

Stupid game-designers.

I'm really in a black mood now.

Won't play this game again for a week or more now. That ought to teach them....(yeah, right...)



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