Sunday, March 09, 2014

New and Updated Software

Here are some new and updates software listings from this week:

Wireshark - Now out in 1.10.6 (Stable release) and 1.8.13 (Old Stable release).

Wireshark · Wireshark 1.10.6 Release Notes

Updates: Process Explorer v16.02, Process Monitor v3.1, PSExec v2.1, Sigcheck v2.03 - Sysinternals Site Discussion blog

OpenedFilesView - Nirsoft - I normally only mention new NirSoft tools, but this older application release is noteworthy as Nir Sofer reports he found he does have a valid digital signature he can use with it so you won’t need to run in on 64-bit systems in driver signing test mode any longer. Sweet!

Apparently, Windows Live Writer got a stealth version bump to 16.4.3522. I first spotted it via this FileHippo mirror link: Download Windows Live Writer 16.4.3522 -

Trying to find comprehensive release notes on any of the Windows Live Essential applications is a nightmare. However I did eventually track down this page which seems better than nothing: Windows Live Essentials release notes

ImageCacheViewer - v1.00 - NirSoft - New free utility from Nir Sofer to “view images in the cache of your Web browser.” Some more details in this BetaNews post: Browse your IE, Firefox and Chrome caches with NirSoft’s ImageCacheViewer

Finally, the Oracle VM VirtualBox platform got an update. It is now sitting at version 4.3.8-92456.

Happy updating.

--Claus Valca

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