Saturday, November 02, 2013

PowerShell 4.0 and a tiny “gotcha”

I spotted news last week that Microsoft released a new updated version (4.0) of PowerShell.

Download Windows Management Framework 4.0 - Microsoft Download Center

I thought I read and had met all the prerequisites successfully, so I installed away. Only when I checked the installed version it still reported 3.0. Hmmm.

I checked the “Add/Remove” program list and didn’t find the update listed in the Windows components. Strange. And when I tried to reinstall it, it said it was already installed…despite not being listed in the installed components.

What gives.

Long story short, after additional troubleshooting I found out that a required component for PowerShell 4.0 was missing.  WMF 4.0 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

I thought I had it on already, but turned out I had .NET Framework 4.0. My bad.

So I downloaded the .NET Framework 4.5 from the Microsoft Download Center and got it on my system, then reinstalled WMF 4.0 one more time.

This time it took and a version-check in PowerShell showed the new version was present.


A few days later this issue became pretty common information so you may want to consult this post if you haven’t figured it out yet. It has great technical details.


So now what?


Claus Valca

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