Saturday, November 02, 2013

Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender & PowerShell

Here are some minor tidbits for MSSE I found, as well as some cool tricks you can do against it with PowerShell.

Microsoft may end antivirus updates on XP in April - ZDNet

I’m not surprised to hear this deliberation going on, XP must go and MS can’t be responsible to support an unsupported OS forever. That said, for quite some time to come many home users (particularly), SOHO’s, and corporations may continue to use XP on their systems for some time to come.

While I’m confident other third-party vendors may continue to release AV/AM software that can run and support XP systems, many folks stick with MSSE. Leaving these systems vulnerable and unprotected, particularly if on a network with other Windows systems, seems a situation ripe for exploitation and shenanigans.

I hope that Microsoft continues to provide updated and current definition signatures for at least a period of time after the XP support ends.

Download Microsoft Security Essential - Microsoft Download Center

Meanwhile, over at the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog, great fun has been reported playing around with Windows PowerShell and finding some neat things that can be done with Windows Defender. (Note: I don’t find a counterpart for the Microsoft Security Essentials application.)

Have fun!

Claus Valca

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