Saturday, November 02, 2013

Miscellaneous TrueCrypt linkage

I have used TrueCrypt for a long time…but only with TrueCrypt container files that stand alone and are mounted.

Then I branched out and started using full-volume encryption to protect some back-up external USB drive devices.

Recently, I bit the bullet and started using TrueCrypt system-wide encryption to protect my personal home laptop…all system volumes. No worries so far.

Because of that I pay close attention to TrueCrypt news, and here is some linkage, in case you are interested.

Let's audit Truecrypt! - A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering blog by Matthew Green

New effort to fully audit TrueCrypt raises $16,000+ in a few short weeks - Ars Technica

Is TrueCrypt Audited Yet? - project homepage

How I compiled TrueCrypt 7.1a for Win32 and matched the official binaries - technically heavy-duty and most excellent article by Xavier de Carné de Carnavalet.

Windows 8.1 upgrade: be careful with TrueCrypt - GTranslated - Borns IT and Windows Blog - Basically, if you are using full-system partition encryption with TrueCrypt, the recommendation is to first fully-decrypt and remove TrueCrypt encryption…then apply the Win 8.1 upgrade…then reapply the TrueCrypt full system partition encryption. If not you might hose your system during the upgrade. That’s a bad thing.


Claus Valca

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