Sunday, October 20, 2013

New or Updated App Linkfest for the week

OK kiddos.  Here is an eclectic roundup of all kinds of freeware software and utility goodies that has been collected these past weeks.

I’m sure you can find something here for the little kid or serious sysadmin in you.

LightZone - Open-source digital darkroom software for Windows/Mac/Linux - free open-source alternative to Adobe LightRoom. Actively developed and supported by a very large community. If you do digital photography, then this is well worth the time to check out. Note that free registration is required to download the software. Spotted via this Noupe blog post LightZone: Totally Free Photo Lab lets you Forget Adobe Lightroom.

The Photographer's Ephemeris - free Win/Mac desktop app versions (AdobeAir based) and for $ supports smartphone/pad devices as well.  This super cool application lets photographers (film/digital) plan outdoor photography shots with natural (sun/moon) lighting conditions in mind.  Basically you provide the time and place and it will show how the light falls on your scene. I can’t believe this is free and I haven’t found it until now!  Spotted via a reference in this amazing Sean Goebel Photography: Timelapse post where Sean explains the techniques used to capture his time-lapse photo video among the observatory telescopes up on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.  Totally worth the time invested to both view the video (it even has lasers!) and read his well composed post.

Inno Setup - jrsoftware - just got a version 5.5.4 release last week. If you do Windows application/software packaging for setup and distribution this might be of interest to you. However, I don’t but it was still of interest to me. I then checked innounp, the Inno Setup Unpacker which is a sourceforge project to see if it was updated. It isn’t quite as current but is at version 0.39 supporting Inno Setup versions 2.0.8 through 5.5.3. Why do I care about innounp you ask?  Well, see I lean heavily on Universal Extractor to unpack various software package files in attempt to make semi-portable versions of them rather than fully installed versions on my system. One of the most popular packagers I run into is Inno Setup. Many developers use the latest versions of Inno Setup.  Jared Breland of created Universal Extractor but it hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Fortunately, what Jared has done is leverage many of the individual unpacker binaries in his application. So if you can find that one of the supported unpacker binaries has been updated, I find I can generally just replace the older version in UE with the newer one and keep up with the times!  So now you see why this is a good tip for you UE users.

InDeep File List Maker: List files & folders in Windows - Link and review via The Windows Club. Interesting little portable app to create listings of files in your Windows systems including removable drives and optical drive media.

Phrozen Windows File Monitor v1.0 - PhrozenSoft Blog - another neat little utility to monitor and select changes in your file system. This is an early version and the developer plans to add additional features moving forward. I really like it and the fact that you can switch between both list and tree-views. Spotted in this BetaNews post review: Phrozen Windows File Monitor lets you watch file system activity in real time. See also this Ghacks blog review: Windows Files Monitor records any file system change in its interface.

That product and those reviews then led me to find PRIMO (version 2.7.3 released Feb 27, 2012). PRIMO was developed to monitor program installs on Windows systems from Win2000, XP, Vista, & 7.

I’ve got lots of freeware utilities to monitor and log system changes, but for now we are keeping the discussion just on utilities that monitor (primarily) folder changes. Accordingly other tools you may want to check out are NirSoft’s FolderChangesView, Brutal Developer’s Directory Monitor, Leelu Soft: Watch 4 Folder 2.3 and Track Folder Changes. Do you have any other recommendations?

Oracle VM VirtualBox - Version 4.3 released on Oct 15, 2013.


--Claus Valca

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