Saturday, October 19, 2013

Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS

At work we cannot (yet) use Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS to connect to end-user systems for troubleshooting support.

At home, the Windows versions we have for daily use are “Home” editions and really don’t support Microsoft Remote Desktop sessions…at least not without some clever hacks that I don’t really need or care to implement.

So for now, at work remote control of end user systems from iOS devices remains a dream.

And at home, I find that running TightVNC works super-spiffy and that the Mocha VNC iOS app works just fine to allow me to remote-control our home Windows systems at will from my iPhone 5.

So for now, I really don’t have an environment where I can give the newly acquired/released Microsoft Remote Desktop client for iOS devices a shake. Maybe I’ll see if it can get it going with one of the Win7/8 Enterprise IETester virtual machines I have and use for testing at home.

So, if you are curious, here are some links regarding the subject.

And if you want some interesting background, according to Kurt Shintaku, the app came from iTap via HLW Software Development which had been kicking around for a while, and was bought  by Microsoft.

INFO: Yeah, the Remote Desktop apps for Mac OS X, iOS & Android came from iTap technology acquired from HLW - Kurt Shintaku's Blog

Very interesting…

Claus Valca

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