Saturday, October 19, 2013

Micro Network News linkfest

Just a small collection of network-minded links of interest this week.

Free Network Sniffers, Analyzers and Stumbers - - I saw some oldies-but-goodies in the list, some new ones (to me), most I was familiar with, and surprisingly missing from the list, Microsoft Message Analyzer. A lot more of the micro-sniffers/NFAT tools out there also got left off but the list seems a bit short to me and misses quite a few more worthy contenders.

Remote Capture with Message Analyzer and Windows 8.1 - MessageAnalyzer blog. Speaking of Message Analyzer, you now can remotely capture traffic with this tool (on supported target systems) without even needing a copy of Message Analyzer installed on them. Neat!  For more info see Using the Network Tracing Features over at TechNet.

Tweaking Wireshark Columns and Decodes - Packet Foo blog

We’re switching to Qt. - Sniff free or die - A development version of Wireshark 1.11.0 has been released that opens the door to using Qt for the user interface library.  The development version has some basic things working, but much of what you love about Wireshark does not. It’s a quick and interesting read.

D-Link Router backdoor vulnerability discovered - TechGeek

D-Link Router Backdoor - Schneier on Security blog

Old D-Link routers with coded backdoor - ISC Diary post

Oh my.

--Claus Valca

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