Saturday, September 14, 2013

What an MS Update Cycle This Month + others as well


Is it just me? Or has this been a super-challenging MS Update cycle this time ‘round?

At home on our Windows 7/8 systems I must have had scan for updates, install updates, reboot, re-scan for updates, install more updates, reboot, re-scan for updates, install final round of updates a few more times than I can previously recall.

Lots and lots of updates (though that may be partially my fault for leaving Office 2007 on when I installed Office 2010).  I do that for trouble-shooting support as not all my peeps are are on the same version of Office that I would like to be on.

And at work on our XP systems, for some reason we got bit with the MS bug where we successfully install KB2760411 and KB2760588 but after reboot, Windows Update says they still need to be installed! Wow.

Here is more linkage than  you need regarding Microsoft and third-party app updating this month.

First Up: Microsoft Patching Information

Microsoft fixes bad patch detection - ZDNet Zero Day blog

Why all the errors in Microsoft updates lately? - ZDNet Zero Day blog

Update for Outlook 2013 breaks folder pane - ZDNet Zero Day blog

Microsoft botches still more patches in latest Automatic Update - Microsoft windows - InfoWorld

Outlook 2013 Folder Pane Disappears After Installing September 2013 Public Update - Office Sustained Engineering - TechNet Blogs

I’ve actually been holding off running my monthly WSUS Offline Update build until word comes out that these have been resolved.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, September 2013 - SpiderLabs Anterior - Amusing and helpful patch summary

Lovely tokens and the September 2013 security updates - MSRC blog - details with pretty graphs

Assessing risk for the September 2013 security update - Security Research & Defense blog

Microsoft September 2013 Black Tuesday Overview - ISC Diary post

Next in Line: Adobe (Flash, Shockwave, Air)

Adobe September 2013 Black Tuesday Overview - ISC Diary post

Update Flash, Shockwave ASAP! Adobe also patches Acrobat and Reader - ZDNet Zero Day blog

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes - Krebs on Security

Chrome Releases: Flash Player Update - Chrome Releases blog

On the Tail End: Oracle’s Java

It's about time: Java update includes tool for blocking drive-by exploits - The Register

Oracle Updates Java - Threatpost

Oracle finally adds whitelisting capabilities to Java - Computerworld

Security of Java takes a dangerous turn for the worse, experts say - Ars Technica

New features aim to shore up Java’s flagging security - Ars Technica

Go Get ‘Em Cowboy!

Hopefully your system is already set to download and process your Microsoft Updates. If not, stop, drop, and roll and get them on now manually if you must.

Adobe Flash may do an auto-updating or not, depending on your installation and settings.  I've not seen Air or Shockwave self-update ever.

Java might offer the update to you…or not.

If in doubt, you should be able to find direct downloads here.

Finally, if you have any doubt at all regarding your update level for these particular applications try one of these options; or even better, run both.

They are really nice and pretty and are often overlooked…like the proverbial girl next door.

However they will hold your hand just as warmly and the kisses are just as sweet!

Stay patched, my friends.


--Claus Valca

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