Saturday, September 28, 2013

More iOS 7 tips and notes

I still haven’t upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 yet.  So far I have 5 apps that I cannot update as they require iOS 7 to load. None of them are critical.

Neither of the girls in the Valca home have their iPhone 4 units on iOS 7 either.  Alvis did upgrade her iPad to iOS 7 without any drama and her beau just got his new iPhone 5s the other day. It’s kicking fast.

My bro just successfully upgraded his iPhone 5 to iOS 7 today and had no issues so I think I will get him to give me a tour and play on it a bit since we have the same model.

I had planned to do the upgrade this weekend as I expected some patches to come out in the period before the first release and now that was true (current version of post time is iOS 7.0.2).

But now I am reading rumors that an iOS 7.1 build might come out in a few more weeks so I think I will try to hold off the upgrade just a bit longer, especially since once you upgrade you can’t roll back to iOS 6 since Apple killed their signed firmware certificates for it.

So here is a collection of iOS 7 linkage I have grabbed so I can continue to review and pre-study and then refer-back to once I do the jump for some possible tweakage.

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--Claus Valca

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