Saturday, September 14, 2013

Find that File (on a Windows system) - LinkList

Here is a list of some free fast-file-finder alternatives.

I did a similar one a long time ago but seems time for an update.

  • SwiftSearch - - Just tired this little gem and it truly is rocking fast. Seriously fast. Like make a movie about the need for speed fast. In fact finding this one led me to feel obligated to make this whole post. Spotted via this post FAST! Windows NTFS file search utility - SwiftSearch from Steve Si (of RMPrepUSB/Easy2Boot fame).
  • SearchMyFiles - NirSoft -This is my go-to for searching up files on my personal Windows systems.
  • SMF – Search my Files - The complimentary application I use to SearchMyFiles. Please don’t be confused with the similar names. It has some additional power-lifting features I find useful.
  • UltraSearch - JamSoftware - Nice and Neat little application.
  • Ultra File Search - another great little application.
  • Locate32 - regularly updated and uses an indexing database to help with finding.
  • Everything Search Engine - VoidTools - Another index-based file searching tool.
  • eXpress FreshFiles Finder (XFFF) - Irins - kind of a niche app but I absolutely love it for what it does. It has helped me wonderfully as a sysadmin.
  • Agent Ransack - MythicSoft - “Lite” version that supports boolean expressions, Perl Regex expressions. Comes (like some of the other apps here) in x32 and x64 supported versions.
  • MasterSeeker - another clever little file find utility. See this nice review by AddictiveTips for some of the extra features it has: MasterSeeker Is A Search Tool For Windows With Filters & Regex Support

--Claus V.

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