Saturday, September 14, 2013

iOS 7 - Coming to something near you soon

I hesitated to post this linkfest on iOS 7.

Some of the links are old and some are geeky and not everybody who stops by GSD even has an iPhone/iPad/iWhatever device…and probably could care less.

So please indulge me with the link-dump on iOS 7.  No gushing (yet) shall occur.

I’m personally going to hold off dumping it on my iPhone 5 device for a few weeks until the blog-0-sphere settles down and the dust (and commenting/review/feedback) has been kicked up and spread around.

So this is for reference purposes only.

(And so I can figure out what to do when all the users I support at work with enterprise-issued iPhone 4S devices manually upgrade their devices and then tell me they don’t know how to work them in the new iOS version on Sept 19th.)

Fresh linkage I had saved on iOS 7 (& new iPhone model) news

Older linkage I had saved on iOS 7 news


--Claus Valca

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