Sunday, June 30, 2013

Microsoft’s EMET v 4.0 Released … in case you missed it

Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.0 - EMET - just got released about two weeks ago.

It really hasn’t made that big a splash in the security news pond; maybe getting lost in all the waves from coverage on our domestic network digital data gathering, leaks in the SS Minnow, and that whole Facebook Shadow Profile data collection fiasco.

Oh, then there is that whole breaking story in the food world that has everyone shocked and a-twitter--How Cronuts Are Driving New York City Crazy.

So it’s not surprising that news of the release of a Windows-specific security tool to prevent advanced malware attacks got little notice.

So here you go.  Little rock toss into a big pond.


I’ve got it running on all our home systems as well as all my Windows virtual machines. I’ve seen no performance issues at all and it is super-quiet; no chatter at all. Accordingly, I would recommend it to all my friends/family-members, especially those who insist on using Internet Explorer and do a lot of work in MS Office applications and documents. It is not a solution to replace any existing anti-virus/anti-malware security software you have, but rather it works to supplement and harden it.  I’m running it aside Microsoft Security Essentials (Win 7 systems), Windows Defender (Win 8 systems), and Bitdefender Antivirus Free (Win 8 systems). It works great.

Not impressed enough yet to download?

Well, did I mention it has “skins” so you can change the theme to some pretty snazzy color schemes?

Seriously, if you spend any time on the Web (particularly in IE) and run a Windows system, then you really should consider deployment of this tool. Just take the default configuration settings to get started, then you can tweak away and add additional protection coverage after you read the manual.


Claus Valca.

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