Saturday, June 29, 2013

iPhone Tips - When you don’t care to RTFM

Just for my reference….moving on.

Understanding iOS Status Bar Symbols - Apple Club

hyperlink - What is "mt=8" in iTunes links for the appstore? - Stack Overflow. From that link:

Apple designates a number of different Media Types (mt values):

1 Music
2 Podcasts
3 Audiobooks
4 TV Shows
5 Music Videos
6 Movies
7 iPod Games
8 Mobile Software Applications
9 Ringtones
10 iTunes U
11 E-Books
12 Desktop Apps

So, to answer your question, the "mt=8" in iTunes links simply identifies it as being of type 'Mobile Software Applications'.

and further in those comments:

For the commenter above, in case you haven't figured out, ls=1 means the URL will try and open iTunes and follow the link. If ls=1 is not included it will simply load the web page for that particular media asset.

safari safe browsing data what is it? - Apple Support Communities

Q: what is the safari safe browsing data when you sync you phone after the iOS 5 update??

A: Google Safe Browsing Data Syncs to iOS Devices Via iTunes - The Mac Security Blog

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