Sunday, June 30, 2013

Forensic News and Blog Update Link Fest

Here is a mini-roundup of some great forensic posts over the past few weeks I bookmarked.

Meanwhile, in the world of digital forensics, our dear friend Dr. Neal Krawetz has had his hands full between teaching us the nuances of digital image forensics and fighting the noble fight against clarity, objectivity, and transparency in the world of digital news photography and photography contests. You go Dr. Krawetz!

When I grow up I want to be gothic physical/digital forensic examiner…just like Abby Sciuto!


(IN)SECURE Magazine - June 2013 edition (PDF download) covers a number of great topics this month including:

    • Becoming a computer forensic examiner
    • UEFI secure boot: Next generation booting or a controversial debate
    • How to detect malicious network behavior
    • DNS attacks on the rise: Rethink your security posture
    • IT security jobs: What's in demand and how to meet it
    • Remote support and security: What you don’t know can hurt you


--Claus V.

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