Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweetleaf-ly Forgotten

There I was, in the living room today, sipping from a bottle of ice-cold peach Sweat Leaf Tea, a bad habit I have picked up from my frequent trips to Austin, Texas....enjoying the breezes blowing through the open windows. It's "air-out-the-house-day."

Alvis:  Hey, can I have a sip?

Me: You won't like it.  I prefer the Honey and Mint, Green Tea kind...

Alvis: (sipping from a stem-glass I poured some into for her) Yeah, I do too.

Alvis: You know that's Momma's?

Me: There were two bottles in the fridge.

Alvis: Yeah, we each got two bottles last night.  I drank my mint and honey ones last night at once so you wouldn't get them.

Me: I'm shocked!

Me: (with mock sternness) You know, it would have been nice when you girls were stocking up at the grocery store to put in a few bottles for your Dad, maybe toss in a favorite TV dinner? You know I like the same ones you do.  Would have been nice knowing I was working very late and probably would skip dinner and be hungry and thirsty when I finally got home.....

Alvis: Yeah, but I didn't think about you and forgot...

Ah, Youth.

Of course, right now Lavie's asleep and doesn't know her stock of Peach Sweet Leaf Tea has been cut in half by her other half.

Wonder if I can claim ignorance....Alvis set me up!


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