Sunday, April 20, 2008

Microsoft Bits and Bytes

Not a lot coming out of Redmond this past week.

I did find these pieces interesting enough to note down.

XP SP3 RTM this Week?

Microsoft XP SP3 on track to RTM on April 21 - Mary Jo Foley thinks she has an inside line on the release of XP SP3 RTM: April 21 (for OEMs, volume licensees, Connect testers, and Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet subscribers).   It will make its appearance over at the Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Download Center venues on April 29th.  Then the peons will receive it via Automatic Updates on June 10th.

Don't want XP SP3 on your machines?  Most like these would be enterprise/corporate folk who need some more time testing the RTM version before either manually pushing it out in a controlled fashion.  Get the Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit via Microsoft to block it for (up to) 12 months from release date.

Me?  I can't wait.  I'll toss it on my work machines ASAP for testing, then probably a week later drop in on our home systems if nothing seems amiss.  I've actually been looking forward to this one a bit more than Vista SP1, to be honest.

VM Additions for Linux

I was following a rabbit on the Web and stumbled across this: VM Additions for Linux.  Designed for Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.  I don't know if it would be compatible with VPC 2007 or not.  Offers time synch improvements, mouse driver, display driver, and SCSI hard disk emulation.  Only supports some builds of Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux.

Via the Download Center

From what must be one of the longest Microsoft Help and Support KB titles: When you are prompted to enter administrative credentials for a directory to which you do not have permissions, your user ID is added to the DACL list for the directory in Windows Vista.  Interesting review of why you may see an admin credentials prompt when trying to access certain directories in Vista.

Long Zheng offers notice that some lucky folks who have supported OEM systems are being offered the first "Windows Vista Feature Pack".  This pack offers to bring additional wireless support and functionality to Vista SP1 systems among a handful of other updates.  Long ponders why "feature packs" get added to the mix, on top of hotfixes, service packs and rollups. To see the official Microsoft Knowledge Base article (KB942567), hop over to this link: Description of the Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless - KB942567.  Available only through certain computer manufacturers.

Sysinternals Updating Strong

Some feared that when Microsoft gobbled up Winternals Sysinternals, that this would mark the end of active development of the core troubleshooting software that many a system administrator and desktop support jockey held dear to their hearts.  Fortunately, that has not been the case.

Sysinternals Site Discussion : Updates: Process Explorer v11.13, Process Monitor v1.31, and Handle v3.31, and Sysinternals Site Discussion : Updates: Process Monitor v1.32.  I don't think more than two weeks go by without seeing a new notice that at least one Sysinternals tool has been updated again.  This could be either a good or bad thing, depending how you look at it.  I personally am pleased.  Hop over and grab the latest releases of these most excellent tools!

What's That I See?

Finally, Greg Shultz over at TechRepublic has tracked down a few of the Vista SP1 changes that you can actually put your eyes on (most changes are under the hood).  Specifically, changes in Disk Defragmenter, Complete PC Backup, and Creating Folders.



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