Saturday, April 26, 2008

Somebody's Lying to Me!

The other day I ran a Apple Software Update check to see if anything needed to be updated.  I manually run this from time to time as I always delete it from my Auto-Start lists so it isn't constantly running in the background on my systems. It said my Apple software was up-to-date.


Then I ran the Secunia Software Inspector.

It said that I have Safari for Windows version 3.525.12.0 installed, but that a newer version (3.525.17.0) is available that fixes some insecurities with the version i need.  Thankfully it provided me a download link.

Curiously, the version I need to install is 3.1.1.


(Pssst. Apple? If you are reading this primarily Windows-centric blog, you need to take your versioning experts out back and beat them with an old Macintosh keyboard around the head to knock some sense into them.  How does any sane person decrypt the fact that I have Safari for Windows version 3.525.12.0 installed, need to upgrade to version 3.525.17.0 by downloading and installing version 3.1.1?)

Clearly, someone's lying to me here.....anybody want to do a Dr. Phil and consult with Mr. Polygraph expert for fun and entertainment?

Don't expect to see this angle on the Mac/Windows ads...

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Anonymous said...

You know the funky version numbering doesn't surprise me. After all this is Apple we are talking about who make in an 'illegal operation' to install Safari on Windows anyway.