Sunday, April 13, 2008

Astros' Madness & Baseball Card Karma

Some time ago, by Dear Brother called me up and asked if I would be interested in a "Boy's Night Out" at the local ballpark.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So last Monday, I showed up after work and met brother, brother's friend, dad, and dad's friend to watch the Astros season home opening game.

Alvis and Lavie were very jealous, but sometimes one has to just roll with the punches.

The tickets little-bro scored were located immediately in front of the press-boxes, right behind home-plate.  Needless to say they were gorgeous.  I don't ever think I will ever again have the chance to sit in better ballpark seats.

The Navy parachute team dropped into the stadium through the open roof. Spectacular!

Noise was ridiculously loud.  I think the brick wall behind us for the press-boxes was reflecting a lot of the sound making it more that it would have been in "normal-man's" seating.  It was fruitless trying to hold a meaningful conversation; just as well as the game was pretty intense on the field.

The game was very good and had a fast pace.  I was still in pain (see previous post) but was willing to tolerate it.  Then the Cards tied up the 'Stros and brother's friend was elated ('Cards fan). Then the 2nd homer went flying and Game Over, Astros win!

Took me almost an hour to get out of the grid-lock of parking post-game.  I had parked in a lot over by the lofts on the east-side of 59, but that didn't help.  Finally gave up and took Harrisburg east and out of downtown.  Next time I think I will splurge at the Convention-center hotel parking garage and just walk the extra blocks so I can get out faster.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Wikipedia

Say Mister, that's some swell cap you got there...

Little bro collects three things passionately: Coins (birth year mint and errors), baseball cards, and homeless kittens.

The first and last one he seems to have gotten under control.

Our Prussian clan seems to thrive best when we are passing good Karma around.  Mine usually lies in doing PC support and tippage.  His, well....

Seems little-bro has been enjoying a fellow card-collecting blogger over at Wax Heaven.

Little-bro (a.k.a. "Anonymous Astros Fan") got a good selection of pulls in a recent pack of cards he picked up.  Feeling generous, he fired off an email to Wax Heaven and said he would pass it on for free.  A few more pulls later and he was sending off a grand-collection to Mario.

The whole fascinating story of baseball card love and generosity among fellow hard-core collectors was captured here: A day I won’t soon forget… « Wax Heaven

Anyway, for some reason, little-bro was feeling some good mojo flowing in the Force.  He decided last night to issue a challenge to Wax Heaven on the outcome of last-nights Astros-Marlin game; Andrew, don’t let Tatiana down!… « Wax Heaven

(This being a very brave thing to do considering the losing streak since the home-opener aforementioned.)

Poor (but cute) baseball card blogger and Marlins fan Tatiana faced having to be publicly photographed wearing an Astro's cap if the 'Stros (finally) won.

If not, little-bro would surrender some choice Marlin's cards from his extensive collection.

Alas, Karma won and Wax Heaven lost: So, It Looks Like I’ll Be Sportin’ An Astros Cap << For the Love of Baseball

So look forward to a sweet Astros pic soon....

Isn't baseball fun?


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