Saturday, February 13, 2016

Miscellaneous Apple bites

Looks like I am literally picking low-hanging fruit from my “to-blog” tree branches.

I previously reported this on my the struggles GSD post but am reposting here for topic inclusion.

The takeaway was to quit Process Explorer. I’ve seen a few other software installations where I have needed to close out Process Explorer entirely to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of some installations. Weird.

Of course, iTunes wanted to be updated, so I used the Apple Software Updater but it complained about the “iPod Service” not being able to start so the install kept failing. I then tried to download and run the iTunes package rather than using the updater but that failed at the same point.
I found this post Service ‘iPod Service’ (iPod Service) could not be installed... over in the Apple Support forums and followed “rickybpta” steps.

  • close SysInternals's Process Explorer ( if you have it and it's open )
  • close all Task Manager(s)
  • close Windows Services console ( services.msc )
  • close all command prompts ( cmd.exe )
  • open a cmd.exe as Admin
    • run: sc create "iPod Service" binpath= "C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe"
    • close all command prompts ( cmd.exe )
  • open Windows Services console ( services.msc )
    • look for "iPod Service", see if it's not Disabled. If so, start it
    • close Windows Services console ( services.msc )
  • Run iTunes.msi again ( previously downloaded via the Apple Software Update's Only Download function )

That did the trick and it went on without any other fuss.

I had purchased a Yeti Blue USB microphone a while back to up my audio recording game. I had hoped to be able to eventually use it with my iPad/iPhone but there were some challenges reported so I’ve just stuck it out with my Windows 7 laptops where it has done a rocking-cool job of upping my audio game. Couple that with Audacity and The Levelator from The Conversations Network and while I am no audio-engineer, I can do a fine good job for most recording needs.

So it was exciting to see this news:

I need to update this post Claus’s iPhone App List - Updated 01/2014 as I’ve gone through some serious changes with the iOS apps I carry. I have purchased more than a few as well…so they must be that good! “Hey Siri! Remind me to update that post!”

Apps of note to get (or are recommended)

Music Memos – Apple – This one looks interesting but I’m not sure it might really meet my audio-recording needs on my Apple gear.

GarageBand for iOS – Apple – This looked good too, but maybe there is a better audio mixing app for “studio” mixing.

Due – Apple App Store – This is the best reminder/count-down timer/recurring event reminder app ever. Period. Buy it.

Round – Apple App Store – Because Due doesn’t currently handle recurring reminder events of less than a day (that I am aware of), you can’t yet use it to set medication dosing reminders. This looks to be designed specifically for that need.

Mighty Timer – Apple App Store – free app to help with brewing your tea. Alvis and her husband gave Lavie and I some very nice porcelain cups along with some fancy Matcha style tea. It has to be brewed very carefully but is super good!


--Claus Valca

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