Sunday, September 14, 2014

WinFE LinkFest

It really hurts to get behind in my postings.  Brett Shavers has been running in overdrive mode lately over at the WinFE blog.

In case you have been living under a rock, or just been busy and harried like me, here is a sampling of the exciting news and events over at WinFE blog.

Which was quickly followed by new update posts…

WinFE Course and Free WinFE course, and finally the big announcement Windows Forensic Environment – WinFE Online Course Now Available - WinFE blog

Just in case anyone isn’t clear, the course page is linked below so everyone can find is easily. I’m probably blind this morning but didn’t seem able to find a big/direct course-reference link from the drop-down menu options or displayed prominently on the side-bar.

Note: There are two “preview” course sections you can look at without first having to sign up if you are curious.

WinFE blog points to this course review by Ken Pryor at the Digital Forensics Blog if you are curious on what to expect before signing up: Windows Forensic Environment Training Course Review

And a review of these posts should bring pretty current one current on the WinFE world.

Kudos to Brett Shavers and all the hard work he is doing for the community!


--Claus Valca

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