Monday, September 01, 2014

Ransomware News Updates

It has been quite a while since posting on ransomware trends.

Here is a quick roundup collected over the past few weeks.

CryptoPrevent v7.0 Released! - Foolish IT LLC - I really like the new interface of v7.x. It stays simple but can expand with additional more powerful options if needed. I continue to protect all of our home systems with this tool (and the layers of other av/am software as well). I highly recommend it for home users as an added level of prevention.

See also the unrelated Cryptolocker Prevention Kit (updated) from Spiceworks that offers an alternative protection solution. Get the download from here.

Finally, I kindly remind you of CryptoLocker Defense for Sysadmins - EventSentry Blog - new and interesting enterprise-class tool for detection of CryptoLocker threats.

Some rescue possible

FireEye and Fox-IT joined up and have started a free service that may allow some users infected with earlier variants of Cryptolocker to unlock their files at no cost.

So is the ransomware threat gone? Hardly. If not gone, morphing into new variants, all the more dangerous.

Continue to stay protected!


--Claus Valca

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