Sunday, March 17, 2013

Internet Explorer 10 (for Win 7), Firefox bits, and How Google Works

News of Microsoft’s release of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 seemed to go off like a flare; lots of noise and brilliance…and then flickering out to nothing.

In my security posture of trying to keep all the web browsers installed on all our home systems current, I went ahead and jumped on IE 10 and installed it almost immediately after release on our Windows 7 systems. 

None of us (well except Alvis with her college portal) regularly use Internet Explorer.

I use still primarily use Firefox for my daily heavy-lifting at home, and supplement it with Chromium (a build version of Chrome).

Alvis prefers the public release version of Chrome…which self-updates BTW…so that is fine by me.

Lavie uses Firefox exclusively….also because of the bookmark sidebar feature.

But I leave Internet Explorer on our systems (for compatibility reasons with some applications and websites).

Anyway, it went on all out systems without much fuss…well, not really on mine. Lessons learned. If you want to manually put it on your system, just make sure of all the links you are offered, the one you are using is to the actual FINAL release installer and not one of the IE 10 “preview” release version installers. In my haste (and trust in the IE Blog post I used) I grabbed a preview version and had to go through a series of additional security updates and IE 10 release upgrades to eventually arrive at a fully updated version of IE 10.  I didn’t make that same mistake with subsequent installs on everyone else’s systems.

Meanwhile, these Firefox articles were pretty timely.

And Google has some great presentations to help you understand how their email and search services work.

Stay informed & Browse safe.

Claus Valca

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