Sunday, March 17, 2013

ForSec News Linkfest

I am super-behind on my blog posting of Forensics/Security news of note.

Here is a rapid-fire linkfest dump.

Some is old news and some is hot-off-the-press.

Cross-pollination is to be expected.


Mostly “For”

Supplemented with some “Sec”

Please correct me I I am wrong but I am now seeing the terms “YAJ0” and “YAJU” pretty often in blog posts and titles.  YAJ0 seems to mean “Yet Another Java Zero-Day” and YAJU probably means “Yet Another Java Update”.  That both of these are now come in text-worthy shorthand forms is no LOL-ROLFLMAO matter.

And a final object lesson…

Be careful in your watchfulness to not overlook the obvious hiding in plain sight.


Claus Valca

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