Monday, March 18, 2013

God Made a SysAdmin…and a linkfest to feed them

One of the best 2013 ads I saw so far this year was this one during a small little scratch football game.

It worked for me on several levels.

However, soon a "parody” of sorts soon followed. First the words were developed by Chester Gifford and -- inspired - Matt Simmons of the great Standalone Sysadmin blog tossed together some images, and finally Drew Stemen contributed the voice-over.  The whole story is here; God Made a SysAdmin | Standalone Sysadmin

Full text at website God Made a Sysadmin

Brilliant!  I want to personally thank all those who appeared in the piece as well as the creative work and toil from Chester, Matt, and Drew. Who knows how much extra un-recorded time went into this project’s success? Well, a sysadmin would, naturally!

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Cheers and may you have a marvelous work-week!

Claus Valca

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