Thursday, August 19, 2010


The other night I heard something come matter-of-factly out of my dear teen daughter’s mouth I never thought I would hear.

”Dad, I’ll need some help getting the meat off the door hinge.”


I had been working later than normal that night and Alvis was hungry.  So she decided to cook a full spaghetti dinner (it was ymmers btw) instead of waiting for me to get home and cook as I typically do. 

So she did. 

The post culinary creation in the kitchen was quite high with pots, pans, etc.  So as I looked at it upon coming home, she assured me that she would be cleaning it up shortly (I later helped), but wanted to know she did experience some meat-loss during the meatball production process. 

Apparently one escaped in the forming process and fell down the cabinet front clipping a cabinet door hinge in the process.

By the time we got to cleaning the meaty bit had dried enough to be popped off the hinge with no fuss. A spray down with some bleach countertop disinfectant spray sealed the deal.


That’s my Alvis…

--Claus V.


H. Carvey said...

I keep telling our guys that context is oh, so important!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you added the context. Cabinet door was not what I was thinking of, but then I was wondering how she got meat on a door hinge...