Friday, August 06, 2010

Blog Breathing…

I’ve just made a few updates/tweaks to the GSD blog tonight.  Didn’t really plan on it but there it is.

I’ve removed the two-column sidebar and reduced it to a singe column.

That then allowed me to expand the blog post text area but about 25%.  I feel like I can breath again when I look at the posts.  Weird.

I also changed the font.  I down-sized it just a touch, but also with a new sans-serif style which I think works a bit better on the eyes.

I haven’t yet, but I may still change the post background to a lighter one and ditch the white text.  I fiddled with it just a bit before deciding to leave it as-is for now.

I’ve replaced the “blogged by” image on the sidebar lead and rolled it back to the original GSD kids.  I like the colors and it seems “lighter” and more cheerful and image.  My real-life expression is generally more stoic in nature (except when I’m flirting…apparently all the time according to Lavie) so I think the old “new” image works better here.  Fear not, no other meaning with this change; Lavie and Alvis remain attached to my side…both in the fantasy anime as well as in real life!

My next task is to seriously update the “Claus’s Toolbox” and “Links” links.    Most of the toolbox links still stand but I’ve probably added a few more GSD posts and such that warrant addition.  It’s funny that while I still have those Tweaking XP and Vista links, I’ve not done one for Windows 7.  To be honest there are really only a very few tweaks I make under W7.  Strange…maybe they got it “righter” in the GUI/interaction this time.

I’m also self-aware of some glaring omissions to this mis-match “blog-roll” of sorts.  I’ve got some favorite blogs that aren’t listed, and other linger on though I haven’t clicked through in ages.

I think the “New Gear and Gizmos” links section is about to be retired and replaced with a Forensics one.  That probably makes sense because I am much less “hardware” focused now.  And while I am no professional “forensicator” - to use a keydet89 term – I am doing a lot of network and incident response posts and related activities on my own work-bench so I think it fits.

Finally, I’m considering adding my own (again borrowing from the keydet89’s blog sidebar style) fav BlogRoll list.  I just gotta figure out which gadget he used…hopefully it is a Blogger one to make things easy…

So I’ll be working on these as well from time to time, expect to see a few more tweaking as the weeks go by.


--Claus V.

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