Sunday, January 24, 2010

One day only deal: WinPatrol PLUS $0.99 – January 29th

Bill Pytlovany is a great guy.

By that I’m not able to say regarding his personal life.  I image he feeds his pets regularly and shows kindness and love to his family and fellow man.

No.  I’m speaking more professionally in that he is the developer of WinPatrol 2010.

WinPatrol Plus does a lot of things, but at the heart it monitors critical points of your Windows system and block/alerts you when changes are attempted to be made.  Normally that isn’t a problem, but many installers and malware will do the same thing and WinPatrol forms a great line of defense against them gaining a surreptitious foothold on your system.

WinPatrol Free has been available as well which offers WinPatrol Free vs PLUS.  Many of the features between the WinPatrolPlus and WinPatrol free are the same, however with the paid version, the biggest benefit may be access to WinPatrol PLUS knowledgebase.  This will help new users understand and make more informed decisions on what is running (or attempting to run) on their system.

WinPatrol supports Windows 98 through Windows 7 systems, including x64 bit systems.

Typically, WinPatrol PLUS is $29.95 for a single-system, lifetime license.  Still a great bargain price.

However, Bill posted to his blog the following bombshell:

Yes that’s right.  Bill has gone off his rocker and is offering a single-system, lifetime license for just $0.99.

That’s ninety-nice cents for a darn good application for the common folks.

Now bear in mind that WinPatrol PLUS isn’t really a substitute for a good anti-virus/anti-malware application.  There are lots of great free and outstanding commercial ones out there for those duties.

Nor is it a tool to help you remove malware from a system once it is infected…though it certainly can bring some great tools and features to the workbench to help with the process (see also WinPatrolToGo.).

Please note: this is a special deal and will be valid only for 24 hours on January 29th, 2010.

Why?  Well as Bill explains on his blog notice...

I’m curious and thinking a crazy single day experiment could be fun and may be worth the risk. So what the hell.  If you want to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS on January 29th, I’ll give you a lifetime WinPatrol membership for less than a dollar. Instead of the regular price of $29.95 I’ll provide a coupon on that brings the price down to $0.99 USD. That comes out to approx. .70 € to our international friends

This will be a one-day only “experiment” starting at midnight EST on Jan 29th and will last 24 hours.  Will over 30 times the normal number customers upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS?  If so, will other software developers notice?

Like our current $30 plan, the 99¢ license will be good for life. Like sales in the App Store or Droid Market however, this license is only valid for a single computer. Sound fair enough? If you’ve been someday planning on upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS, January 29th is the day to remember. Just go to this Friday and you may be a part of history.

Do you think the traditional software industry is in danger? If you think 99 cent software is coming or I’m just crazy than write about this on your blog.  I will need enough people to know about this experiment to make it valid. That’s also why I had to pre-announce a special offer which may kill sales between now and Friday.

It’s just too good a piece of software to pass up for just 99 cents.

Thought I’d pass the tip on to you…and no, I’ve not received anything in return for this post.  It was craziness I just couldn’t help but share with the GSD blog readers.

Good Luck Bill!

Can’t wait to hear of the results.

--Claus V.

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