Saturday, November 08, 2008

Eye on Obama…Hello POTUS-elect!


Gotta confess…regardless of personal political affiliation or leaning (or apathy), POTUS-elect Obama does have a very youthfully attractive Presidential style.

I voted on Tuesday, Lavie did not (very sick that day and didn’t early vote as planned), and Alvis will be voting in the next presidential election for the first time. Wow.  We already had a bit deeper political discussions between ourselves which is an interesting thing.

Here’s hoping that the next coming years will bring positive change and renewal inside our borders and reconciliation with our allies outside of them.

A few related links:

The next President of the United States – Boston Globe’s “Big Picture” feature with 35 stunning journalistic photos that bring to mind the aura of the Kennedy years…despite not having been born yet in that period.

Viewing a LOT of Images Effectively (plus 700 Obama Newspaper Covers in Silverlight Deep Zoom ) – Scott Hanselman’s ComputerZen.  Scott shows us what Silverlight Deep Zoom can do with web-images of the Obama onslaught.  If you have Silverlight and want to skip the technicals just hop over here: Silverlight DeepZoom Obama News.  If you don’t have or want Silverlight, check out this link instead: 730 Newspaper images from 66 countries at the Newseum by Scott Stanfield (although it isn’t nearly as “sexy”).

5 Signs President-Elect Obama Is a Geek – Wired Blog.  I wonder if he is an XBox360 guy or a Wii Dad….and does he prefer Vista or XP or a Mac?

BTW…I gotta be willing to stand behind any President who seems to have the same pair of eyeglasses as I wear.  I’m not 100% sure but I’m guessing those are Ray-Bans and the MIB style looks particularly close to the ones I wear.


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