Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hidden Power in Firefox Places "Library" Organizer

Near the end of my last post, Curious Firefox Tidbits, I briefly mentioned poking around a bit in the places.sqlite file of Firefox 3.0.

I mentioned that some of the database items indicated that (among other things) that it appeared that Places was able to track when each bookmark was added to the database as well as when it was last modified.

If you are running a recent version of Firefox 3.0 (beta or nightlies), you can look into the new Places features by going to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks on the menu-bar.

This will display the "Library" window that contains your bookmarks.

By default the Library window will show a tree structure on the left-hand side, and the bookmark/folder name, tag, and URL location on the right hand side.

Below in the third-pane is some specific information regarding the bookmark/folder selected.

I was wondering if I could find any more specific options in the display here.

I clicked the "More" button in the bottom third-pane but it didn't provide me the time/date information I knew was being tracked in the places.sqlite database file.

Then I noticed a little column-picker icon in the top-right column bar.

I selected it and found I could add additional bookmark column-view details to my main Library pane: Visit Count, Keyword, Description, Added, Last Modified, and Visit Date.


These columns may be rearranged and sorted on according to your preferences.

So, now you know how to display these "power-columns" in your Firefox 3.0 Places Library window.

Good to know, although I really would like to see a utility to allow me to off-load the places.sqlite file from a system (say to USB) then inspect it later in a more GUI-friendly display than the available SQLite viewers do at the moment. Something more on the lines of one of NirSoft's tool: MozillaHistoryView.

Maybe a "MozillaPlacesView" will be forthcoming from NirSoft? Now wouldn't that be nice!


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