Sunday, March 30, 2008

All for Naught...Soup after all

I was feeling pretty frustrated last week when I found that Microsoft Update was keeping me from applying Vista SP1 to our system due to an "incompatible" SigmaTel driver.

In the end I ended up listening to the supportive words of encouragement from Dwight Silverman and the DMan and decided to go ahead and cram Vista SP1 on our Gateway MT6451 laptop anyway by re-downloading the full Vista SP1 installer and putting it on anyway with a manual installation.

So yesterday while the girls were out "mall-crawling" I logged onto the Administrator account, shut down the firewall, HIPS and A/V applications and ran the Vista SP1 installer.

I didn't keep an eye on the clock, but my feeling is that it took about 35-45 minutes to apply.

When it was all done, including several reboots, I logged into the system and Vista SP1 was applied.

I checked the sound and the quality seemed same as usual.

I haven't encountered any lockups or problems with performance since, and it was well-tested when Alvis and her BFF spend the rest of the day hard at play on it.

So, for all you Gateway MT6451 laptop users out there running Vista and wondering what you should do to get Vista SP1 installed, my experience was painless.

Download the full installer, make sure your drive is defragged, temporarily disable any security application you may have running, and run the full installer.

Assuming your system is "stock" like ours, you should soon have Vista SP1 loaded and running.

Thanks for the support Dwight and DMan!


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