Monday, February 18, 2008

Two More "Lite" SQLite viewers - All good, light, and free

As is often the case when dealing with systems and the Net, you find a solution and it works, then you move on and later end up finding more that might have been useful.

Case in point, these SQLite viewers/editors.

While I was working out the issues in my post Firefox 3 Security Blocker: Going In Deep, I had need for an utility that I could use to peer inside SQLite files that Mozilla uses.

SQLite Database Browser


I discovered SQLite Database Browser, a great Open Source solution.

You can use this utility to visually inspect, create, design and edit database files compatible with SQLite.  You can also import and export records which is really useful when you are working with the information located in the Mozilla database files.

It uses a single exe file and is just over 2.41 MB in size.  Very portable. I like the very simple interface.  Not very complicated and very easy to use to browse SQLite database files.

SQLite Spy

So while I was working on another post, I happened across this utility.


SQLiteSpy [Delphi Inspiration] - (free for personal/educational use) - This application uses a very handy treeview.  I find this much easier to help me understand the structure.  Editing is supported and different data types are displayed with different background coloring. Full Unicode support. Tab-based views for displaying multiple SQL queries and database elements.  There are lots of data and file compression options as well as encryption support. The SQLite engine is built into the single exe file.

No install is required. Download and unzip.  The exe file comes in at a light 1.8 MB filesize. No registry writes.  Options are kept in a self-generated .db3 file in the application's folder when launched.  Nicely portable.

SQLite Administrator

That one led me to this one.


SQLite Administrator - (free for private use) - This utility has the treeview pane that I like so much, as well as a very GUI image-rich interface. Like the others, this utility allows for creation, editing, and deletion of tables, indices, views and triggers. However, it brings to the table some nice wizard based helps for these actions.  It supports SQL code highlighting and error location.  You can import data from CSV files and export data in XLS/CSV/HTML/XML formats.  Internal query storage is possible. Images may be stored in Blob fields.

It appears to be a very full-featured utility for working with SQLite files.

Like the others, this one does not require installation. Download the zip file and decompress.  Application folder size is much larger than the others, coming in at just over 4.53 MB.  If you delete all the language file except for the single one you need,  you can drop it down to 4.35 MB. Not that big a difference.  Aside from the language file(s), there is the main exe file and two supporting dll files.  Although it is larger, it is also remains portable.

So, regardless if you need one of these utilities to quickly and freely manage and view the Mozilla .sqlite files, or do more extensive SQLite database work, there a more options and all are small, fast, and portable.

Unfortunately, my database work is in the realm of Microsoft Access.  As such, beside using these tools to inspect and export data, I can't effectively evaluate their real power and functionality with SQLite database work.

If anyone can provide more rounded comments on any of these products' features, please feel free to leave a comment.



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