Saturday, April 14, 2007

What a Figure!

Chasing Link Rabbits Again...

Last weekend I was chasing link-rabbits and somehow ended up on a new anime related website: Riuva : Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts handled by TJ Han.

I spent some time reading over his Eureka Seven post: Eureka seveN!! “Decent” Anime?? CHIGAUUUU!! Ultima Class Anime. Spoilers here. Very nice perspective.

TJ also had a very well written perspective on graphic artist and character designer Range Murata's work: People Focus: Range Murata and his Fancy Headgear

I really enjoy his Steampunk style ever since becoming acquainted with it in Last Exile where he worked as a primary designer.

When I was done I noticed a Figure Reviews link on his site so I checked into that one as well.

Imagine my surprised to find some really nice Last Exile figure photography among all the nice figure reviews!

Figure Review: Last Exile Grand Stream Set! WOAH LAST EXILE! WOAH!

Figure Review: Last Exile’s Alvis Salutes her Own Cuteness!

I was really impressed. My chances of snagging any of these are low-to-nil, but they are so fantastic to look at. I really like the Alvis figure!

I also found the HappySoda blog that has a number of anime/manga related posts, as well as some more great figure related content: pictures, figure photography tutorials, and a great Flickr Figure Gallery.

I'm not really a big "Ero" figure fan...although it has a big (no surprise) fan base. So any sites I come across must by and large pass the "it's-probably-OK-for-Alvis-to-click-to" test before I link.

Although there are never any guarantees an occasional figure may show up on one of these sites that I wouldn't be comfortable for Alvis to view. Also, while some figures are quite tame, they still might fall into the NSFW / LSFW categories.

I do try to keep this blog "family friendly."

Please & Thank You!

I dropped TJ Han a line asking him if he would allow me permission to occasionally feature some of his images over in my Fan Service side-column.

I had previously communicated with Danny Choo and received his written permission for image use, so I was hopeful TJ would be cool.

Imagine my delight when TJ responded that that was quite fine with him! (Thanks again!)

So image-using kids...please just respectfully ask content owners for permission before posting images...or just use Creative Commons (CC) licensed images with attribution.

Danny Choo has since began tagging all his images/photographs clearly with CC tags and I hope more photographers will do the same. It puts fair-usage rights right up front.

So I've made some minor changes to my Link list and added a Figures section with TJ's, Danny's and Happy Soda's blog site-links. Got a bit more "house-cleaning" to do there, but making progress.

Have fun looking!


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