Monday, April 30, 2007

A breath of fresh Air: Coming soon to USA!

No I haven't seen any of the anime series/movie "Air" yet, but I have seen lots of images and a few mini-videos while they were still alive on YouTube and I have long since been captivated.

This is supposed to be a romantic "slice of life" drama with some supernatural twists themed anime series.

It is very popular among its fan base and the artwork is supposed to be pretty spectacular along with the soundtrack music.

Although Air held good fan support in Japan and a decent following by the few US fans who knew how to find it for viewing, many considered it too small a series to ever warrant a US distributor picking it up, doing the ADR work, and then offering it for sale in the US. I had long since given up hope, myself.

What is interesting is that Air began as a Japanese bishoujo game (warning, that Wikipedia link describes "adult" content) and managed to get spun out into what appears to be a lavishly illustrated and sweetly romantic anime series. Go figure.

Well...times have changed! Air is on its way Stateside! Picked up the ADV of all folks.

I can't wait!

ADV Licenses Air TV, Movie - News announcement via Anime News Network.

The comment thread of this announcement is over 150 comments and still going! You can just feel the obvious excitement here.

Air (movie) - official Japanese webpage.

Air (TV) - official Japanese webpage.

Air TV - great review via bluemist anime blog

Air (anime) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (plot and spoilers)

See you in blue skies and fresh air...


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