Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Self-Image Problem

I like who I am.

I believe that I am pretty well adjusted.

I do get stressed out, usually over bills (who doesn't), rising gasoline prices (Ughh!), idiot Houston stupid-head drivers (gotta go with the flow).

Sometimes I get stressed at work when I'm faced with multiple crises to manage at one time, and no time to effectively analyze the problem before responding...I have to trust my judgement and experience and just focus and act. But most days...I love my job.

No, I'm finding some problems with which masculine "fantasy-hero" I'd like to have for myself.

Plain Old Claus

On a daily basis, Lavie says I really am quite like my "Claus Valca" anime counterpart; inclined to going fast in a machine, willing to stand up for what seems right, a sense of honor and fairness to others, kindhearted, sometimes stubborn, goal-focused to a fault, constantly looking out for Lavie and Alvis, hardworking, mechanically and technically intuitive ... yawn ... all that stuff.

Heck, when I went to the video rental store last week on an impulse, what movies did I bring home? A nice balance for the family: Casino Royale (Lavie and I loved it), The Holiday (Lavie and I cried like a girl and a girlie man), Just My Luck (It was an Alvis thing), and The Illusionist (pending for viewing later tonight...Lavie's looking forward to this one).

So though Lavie does think I am a real-life "Claus" sometimes I wish I was more like one of these action heroes.

The Hero in Me

Self-Image Pick One: Jason Bourne as portrayed by Matt Damon.

Highly disciplined, fast and physically nimble, this character has an energy and awareness that I envy. He seems always thinking and analyzing (something I can relate to) and is technically proficient in fighting, driving and problem solving. He is a bit younger as well. And he isn't afraid to travel. Granted, he has a bunch of demons he carries with him, but in the movies he does get to display a softer side to his female companions. Lavie really enjoyed watching the movies with me.

FYI, a new Bourne movie is coming this fall: The Bourne Ultimatum - Official Website

Self-Image Pick Two: James Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig

I've been a long-time James Bond fan ever since I was a teenager. Sean Connery is the quintessential Bond in my book and I was highly skeptical when Daniel Craig was cast in the role. He pulled it off. I like the fact that this Bond is older and rougher around the edges. He doesn't seem so polished or suave. Craig's Bond has a charm, but it is rough. He is a bit unfocused and a definite rule-breaker (something I'm not), but still tough as nails and what he lacks in finesse he makes up for in brute toughness. He is also quick and fast, but plays his extended action scenes with a bit more fatigue. He seemed to be tired and winded at the end of the foot chase. I like the balance of toughness and maturity he brings. Classy.

So which one?

I guess if I must be honest with myself, I'm getting a bit older now (ouch) and must confess the style of Craig's Bond fits better with where I am at now in my life.

I'm nowhere close to these action-movie heroes...but it's fun and healthy to dream sometimes...especially on Houston freeways....(if I only had 007's Aston Martin DBS....)

See you in the skies...



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Jane - Thank you very much for your concern with my self-image and offering your telseminar as something I might be interested in.

I regret to inform you that I will not be interested.

See as Mr. Bond and Mr. Bourne are "symbolic" representations of my self-image, they are fictional characters and it wouldn't be very productive or psychologically healthy for me to expect that any attempts to emulate or attain their mannerisms or character identity.

In truth, this post was done "tongue-in-cheek" and intended to be humorous and self-mocking. Something folks with positive self-image are able to do quite handily. we really think Mr. Bourne or Mr. Bond would even take the time to attend a telenar about such things?

Certainly not!

Warmest regards.

Claus V.