Thursday, March 15, 2007

New iPod shuffle - Update

As you might remember, this past Saturday I became the proud owner of a 2nd Gen iPod shuffle.

Which began to tank on me; almost immediately.


So Tuesday night, as I wound down in bed, I played with the shuffle some more.

It started out fine and strong, but I noticed that as I adjusted the volume, particularly downward, it would often make a loud, static-like "pop" noise. Additional button pushing would sometimes result in it seeming to turn off. Sometimes I could get it going again by turning it on and off. Sometimes not. Finally, after a somewhat protracted session of song skipping, volume adjustment and switching from shuffle to non-shuffle play, it tanked again.

And it refused to come to life.

Based on my observations, it seemed that the issue was clearly related to a bad contact or switch in the unit itself.

So Wednesday I took it back to the store for an exchange.

I traded my original silver model purchase for a retro-green (Lavie says chartreuse) model this time.

I figured I needed some luck...and maybe picking a different color would help me avoid a bad silver batch...

So I got it home and began to charge it.

Some interesting things I noticed....

When I plugged it into my computer and opened iTunes, it displayed the unit as a green one, instead of the silver one from before. Pretty clever, that iTunes, being able to distinguish between unit colors!

Also interesting were the earbuds. See, the silver model I orignally had came with the old-style earbuds (just like my 4G iPod has) and the two-pair pack of black-foam cushions. I wasn't even aware that there were two models of earbuds. When I pulled the new ones out to put in, I automatically looked on the round bud-back for the "L" and "R" and didn't see them. I was worried I wouldn't be able to figure out which was the right (and left) ones! It wasn't until I spotted the "L" and "R" on the stems that I realized these were different than before...and no foam cushions.

Weird thing #3. When I had been charging my silver shuffle, it would blink yellow (to let me know it was charging while docked) then eventually it would go into a steady-green state. I figured that clearly meant the silver beast was charged.

So when I brought my new green model home and plugged it in, it went to the yellow-blink mode as it charged. It was still blinking when I went to bed, so I left the pc on and let it charge. Then I woke up briefly a few hours later to shut the pc down, and it was still blinking yellow. So I shut it down and then gave it another hour-charge before work. Still steady green yet.

So I took it to work to charge some more.

By lunchtime while it was still yellow-blinking I began to worry. How long does an initial charge take? Most of what I found was just a few hours.

Oh no!

So I double checked the light codes on the Apple site and found a startling thing. The yellow-blinky when docked meant that it was connected and enabled for disk use...don't unplug without ejecting. Oh! (I would have been waiting a loooong time!)

I undocked it and turned it on..bright green which meant good charge!

So I've been listening to it for several hours now...and no issues, pops, tanks or otherwise bad behavior!

Based on my observations (ear buds and the like) it appears that I had originally brought home a very early issued 2nd generation iPod shuffle. Go figure. And a bad-one at that.

My 2nd pick seems to be working great and no issues.


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Jammin' to my Japanese mixes!



Anonymous said...

Alvis here!

if you wear it tomorrow no one can pinch you.


Stavanger said...

Good differentiations, never knew iTune recognize colors. Maybe I should get a colored shuffle as well or maybe all of the ;D

Claus said...

Hi Stavanger,

Yeah, it really surprised me to see that green shuffle in iTunes after the silver one I had seen before.

And I was NOT expecting the differences in the earbuds I ran into.

I've been lucky and haven't had any issues with the latest iTunes version...unlike quite a few others. There are some things I don't like, but many more I do.

I had a really hard time picking out the color. I went with the silver the first time as it seemed pretty generic. I quickly passed on the pink and blue...too bright for my tastes. The orange was ok, but the green was the next best behind the silver that I had now been turned off of.

I really wish they had a red or black model. That would have been more my perfect choices.

Oh well....I'm sure we will see those next year...probably with Bono's name on them. ;)

I listened to the new shuffle at work almost all day long today. (I work where I can get away with that when I'm doing project duties.) It played great, no pops or mid-play deaths like my previous one. Still has almost a full charge.

And I'm not worried about banging it around in my gear bag or in the field...I love the little size and the lack of worry about hurting it like I have with my 4G iPod brick.