Saturday, March 17, 2007

Firefox (beta release) Available

We Firefox faithful have been waiting for the next release of for a bit of time.

Yes, I am running nightly "Minefield" (a.k.a. Firefox 3.0) builds and (generally) loving 'em.

Yes, I am running the GranParadiso "Firefox 3.0 Alpha 2" build...but I use "Minefield" more and it is a bit more developed than Fx-GP.

But for my daily web-browsing at work and home, I still use the current release version of Firefox (

I just trust it a tad-bit more, especially as I must rely upon it for secure transactions and session browsing.

So Firefox is due for a final release any time now to patch some omissions in the code.

Getting Firefox Beta

This morning I spotted a news article blurb on my Yahoo page, (yeah, I know) that mentioned a new Firefox bug testing plan.

It struck my I clicked on and read the PC World article. Buried in the end was a tip to see how to find out if your Firefox build is set to participate in their beta-testing program.

Over on the Mozilla Development Center beta page, the Mozilla team explained that they would begin releasing beta candidates in the next 24 hours (from March 15)--interesting...but not what I was looking for.

Then I spotted a tiny link at the bottom of the post: candidates available.

So I chased that rabbit.

And low-and-behold...I caught it!

There it was; a link to download Firefox (beta) direct from Mozilla's FTP page:

You will need to sort through the chaff to find the specific one you want.

(US) English users will probably want to look for the following file name: firefox-

(Note: I purposely didn't direct link to the download. Use the main FTP page link, please.)

I downloaded it and used it to update my primary Firefox build up to So far so good.


This (as always) is a beta release. Should you choose to use it and something breaks...don't blame us all a favor and report it to Mozilla and help us out.


Off to buy a new futon-bed for Alvis....Wish me patience and luck.


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