Sunday, February 11, 2007

Windows XP/2000 Command Line Tips

Every now and then I have to get wiggy with the command-line.

Its actually kinda fun now with the highly-modifiable, tab supported Console (freeware) utility.

I remember pouring over an old DOS 6.22 booklet that came packaged with one of our agency's x486 systems many, many years ago to prep for an IT technician's job. I didn't get the job then but it ended up coming in handy down the road.

While I wouldn't consider myself an expert-level command-line guy, I've got the handful or two most used command-line commands down pretty well.

Being proficient in command-line environment is a real plus. Yes, most everything you need to do can be done with a GUI-based application or utility. But sometimes you can be even more efficient by using the son-of-DOS.

Here are some more useful command-line resources, for the curious to the masters.

XP/2000 Command Line Tip List

Making Batch Files

Once you have progressed into feeling comfortable with the power of the command-line, you can leverage that power by creating batch-files. These files are constructed of a series of logical steps, loops and commands. I use a simple batch-file I wrote in Lavie's XP laptop's startup folder to release and renew her IP address to make sure she gets a good IP connection.

Windows PowerShell - The Next Generation

I'd love to have the time to learn how to really use the power of the new Windows PowerShell.

It's like the command-prompt on steroids.

Bonus Prize - FrontMotion Login

Not command-line related--and very cool!

Seems that with some tweaking with the tools at FrontMotion Login, you can have a custom Flash-animated XP log-on screen. (More in the forums.)

Who knew?

Animated XP logins with FrontMotion Login - via Download Squad




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Thanks for the good article and links to useful resources. I'll be using some of these. Cheers!

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Here is a site which describes how to the frequently done operations from command line..