Monday, June 19, 2006

Rain-Day--Houston Style

Well, it's been a rainy morning.

My office has been closed so today is a "open-swim" day around the Valca household.

Alvis is with Lavie's parents taking painting lessons. Lavie had to go to work--one of the drawbacks of working just a few miles from the office.

It lightninged and thundered all night long, but getting up to the local news coverage was still a real shocker. They keep comparing this to Allison, but it seems more like Frances to me, with sections of freeways underwater again.

So, what to do? Here's my list for the day:

1) finish the laundry/folding.
2) finally watch "Kamakaze Girls" on the VCR and new tele.
3) maybe start my blog post on data-security.
4) do some house-cleaning on my hard-drive.

Number four is the most pressing to me. I have a 120GB HDD on my main system. I've got it divided into four partitions: c:=system, d:=pictures, e:=music, f:=storage. It's starting to get a little full. I tend to save program installation (setup) files pretty good. I like to keep older versions around for awhile in case the newer one turns out bad, I can roll it back. Problem is I now have tons of these older versions on my HDD and it is time to take out the trash. I've still got a big spindle of cd's so I might just do some organization then burn them to cd before deleting. I've been putting it off for a quite a while, but the house is quiet now so it may be a good time.

See you in the (clearing) skies


Jim Thompson said...

Where do you live, Claus, and where do you work? (Not addresses - I'm not a stalker - just general areas.)

I live in the Pearland area, where the rain wasn't too bad. I didn't hear any thunder until it woke me up at 4 AM. The lightning was AMAZING. A co-worker who's one suburb over, in Friendswood, said he heard thunder all night, so I guess I slept through the first of it. The streets are clear here in Clear Lake where I work. I'm hoping they'll stay that way until quitting time.

Claus said...

I live out past the far East side of Houston. Both my usual ways of coming in (225 or I-10E) were flooded out in spots. My office is just outside downtown Houston. I can comfortably make it to the ballpark and back during lunchbreaks. On really bad thunderstorm days, the streets around the office can temporarily flood. I've had to wait sometimes for water to drain before heading out.

We didn't have any flooding around the homestead here, but the travel in would have been a nightmare.

I've learned to be very patient when it begins to rain. I've been watching the impatient almost all morning here at home on TV and I don't just get what goes on in some driver's minds when they plow on into high-water--or any water for that matter.

Only way I would do it was if I owned a high-water vehicle (like those multi-wheel reservist trucks or an original Marine-quality Hummer with a snorkel intake/exhaust (which I don't!).