Friday, June 09, 2006


Sometime I could scream.

Worked for over an hour on a post. Decided to go ahead and save a few minutes time by using the Blogger editor. I almost always use the Performancing blog editor extension.

Well, wouldn't you know, the Blogger editor crashed. Bad.

I "recovered post" but it had less than a third of what I had typed. (I wonder what's really going on when I see Blogger flash that it was saving a draft copy automatically.)

I'm too tired to retype what I lost. Too bad. I was on a roll. Maybe I'll finish salvaging it tomorrow night.

Performancing seems to do auto-saves better. Yes, as an IT guy I know to run frequent saves on documents. I generally do. Sometimes, though, I get in the zone typing like crazy and I forget. Usually nothing bad happens. Sometimes.....well, you know.

Think I would have learned, huh?


I'm going to look at some beautiful photos taken by the Japan Years crew and try to calm down. Then I'm going to bed.

Oh yeah, you Americans out there, when you wonder where almost the rest of the civilized (and uncivilized) world dropped off the face of the map to for the next few weeks--just remember one thing:


(Team Mandolux, Team Wallpaper Stock, Team Microsoft, Team Yahoo, Team FIFA, and Team Google)

I can't decide which team to root for.

(Oh yeah. Now Blogger just went down for maintenance--so I can't even
post this half-hearted attempt now. Great. Well, maybe I'll stick it up in the


Jim Thompson said...

Oh, it happens to the best of us. For example:

Weblog Client Editors: Why We Need Them

I usually save every paragraph or so, but there have been times when I got into that zone, forgot to save, and then Something Bad happened.

Claus said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jim!

Generally what I do is draft my blog post in Performancing. Then I copy and paste it into the Blogger editor and finish my formatting there. I've gotten wonky results with the color markup code moving it from Performancing to Blogger or posting directly to Blogger from within Performancing itself.

Performancing seems to be using the hexidecimal color code format while Blogger seems to prefer the RGB code format (at least that's what I remember it was doing).

Lost posts don't happen often, but when they's hard getting back in the "zone" of the post.

--nice independent synchronization on the techblog open comments today. Looks like we are both feeling sensitive to the same thing....I'm planning a post on this issue in the near future.