Saturday, November 28, 2015

Adobe Flash Download Changes

I noticed the other day when snagging the latest Adobe Flash Player update from the Adobe binary download site that they will be removing most access to the “standalone” Flash Player download files.

Adobe Flash Player Distribution - Adobe


That really bites as it is a great way to bypass all the nonsense with third-party app installs during your Flash installs/upgrades for friends and family.

On my own systems I have Flash Player set to notify me of new updates but to not install them automatically. I’ve yet to see a notification from the app that a new Flash version is available.

I’ve also gone back to check on systems that I manage Flash manually on for others and find that they do have the latest Flash version already -- and a third-party application (usually a tool bar helper or security application) installed that came along with the update ride that the user didn’t catch.

And under the revised access system, you will need to have an active Internet connection to access the on-line update download.

I’m not sure yet if some of the trusted third-party download sites I use will continue to be able to offer just the binary files for access. I prefer to get my binaries directly from the source, but that isn’t an option after January 22nd.  And these might not be available either.

Really, it’s yet another nail in the coffin lid to remove Flash altogether from my systems

Then there is this tweet tip from Aral Balkan that basically reminds us we can often use the F12 developer tools to emulate (user-agent switch to) an iPad or other mobile device with our browser. That may get us “Flash” content that is available if you don’t have Flash installed.

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Claus Valca

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M said...

I found I can live quite happily without Flash. Chrome has it built in anyway, and I've had it set to click-to-play for a long time anyway. These days few sites seem to actually need it for anything beyond adverts anyway.